RSCIT Exam Key 01 May 2016

RSCIT Exam key Date 01.05.2016

1. Who is known as “father of computer”?
Ans : Charles Babage
2. Which one is an “input” device from the following?
Ans : Keyboard
3. Which of the following is not related to the “processor” of computer?
Ans : Android
4. The number of pixels on computer screen is known as screen……………. .
Ans : Resolution
5. What is the collection of information?
Ans : File
6. Which of the following is not an internet explorer?
Ans : Google Plus
7. Voice band is known as:
Ans : Low Bandwidth
8. RAM stand for:
Ans : Random Access Memory
9. Which hard disk will be able to store more information
Ans : 24 GB
10. Which file extension indicates only graphics files?
Ans : BMP and GIF
11. Which windows program do you use to manage folders and files?
Ans : Windows Explorer
12. What is URL?
Ans : The Address of a page on World Wide Web
13. Intersection of a row and column in a spreadsheet is called:
Ans :Cell
14. The process of organising data in a particular order is:
Ans : Sorting
15. Microsoft Word is used to prepare, except:
Ans : Presentation
16. The full form of HTML is:
Ans : Hyper Text Markup Language
17. Which of the following is not a Social Networking Site?
Ans : Wikipedia
18. Unwanted e-mail are called:
Ans : Spam
19. Which of the following is used to indicate page number or document related information?
Ans : Header and Footer
20. While preparing a chart in Excel, which of the following is used to indicate/highlight a specific information?
Ans : Data Labels
21. ……………….. is used to protect network from outside attacks. ?
Ans : Firewall
22. Collection of inter-related data is called: ?
Ans : Database
23. Which of the following is an optical storage device? ?
Ans : DVD
24. …………….. Is a single program that provides the facilities of word processing, spreadsheet and database manager. ?
Ans : Integrated Package
25. Buying and selling good using Internet is ………………?
Ans : e-commerce
26. Which of the following is used to transfer files over Internet?
Ans : FTP
27. It is used to protect your computer from outside programs?
Ans : Antivirus Programs
28. Which technology is used to improve the work capacity of hard disc?
Ans : All the above
29. Tools for transferring data between two computers are known as:
Ans : Protocol
30. Most popular operation operating system is:
Ans : windows
31. Multiple choice examination answer sheet are evolved automatically by:
Ans : OMR
32. A computer cannot boot if it does not have the:
Ans : Operating System
33. This card is used to identify student in college universities: :
Ans : Smart card
34. Technology visible computer system to act as human being?
Ans : Artificial Intelligence
35. To set the different network connections on your computer you will use the option in a computer?
Ans : Network and Sharing Center

Key by Imran Khan

Note : We have tried to provide right answers still not final. Final Key will be uploaded by VMOU/RKCL.

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