History of Power Sector in India


In India power generation commenced at the end of 19th century with the commissioning of a plant in Darjeeling (1897), followed by hydro power station at Sivasamundram in Karnataka (1902). In the pre-independence era, distribution of electricity was restricted to urban areas only. After the independence Ministry of Power was made responsible for the development of electrical energy in the country. India consumes 3.4% of global energy. Annual demand has been increasing by approx. 3.6% for last 30 years. In 2003-04, government launched 50,000 MW initiatives spread in 16 states. This included 162 hydroelectric projects. In the year 2006-07, the industrial sector and domestic sectors has shown a demand of 35.5% and 25.87% respectively installed power generation capacity in the country has increased from 1400 Mega Watt in 1947 to approx. 228721.73 MW till Sept-2013 comprising hydro, thermal (including gas and diesel), nuclear based power plants and renewable energy sources (including wind).

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