Important English Words Part-1

1. Abase
Means: Cause To Feel Shame

2. Aberration
Means: A State Or Condition Markedly Different From The Normal

3. Abject
Means: Most Unfortunate Or Miserable

4. Abrasive
Means: Sharply Disagreeable, Rigorous

5. Abstain
Means: Choose Not To Consume

6. Abundant
Means: Present In Great Quantity

7. Abundant
Means: Present In Great Quantity

8. Accede
Means: Yield To Another’s Wish Or Opinion

9. Accentuate
Means: To Stress, Single Out As Important

10. Acclimate
Means: Get Used To A Certain Climate

11. Accomplice
Means: A Person Who Joins With Another In Carrying Out Some Plan

12. Accord
Means: Concurrence Of Opinion

13. Acerbic
Means: Harsh Or Corrosive In Tone

14. Acme
Means: The Highest Stage Of Development

15. Acquiesce
Means: To Agree Or Express Agreement

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